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Increase efforts to maintain the stability of the manufacturing industry chain and supply chain

Increase efforts to maintain the stability of the manufacturing industry chain and supply chain

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On July 23, the director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau and spokesperson Huang Libin stated at a press conference (click to watch) that the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the impact of the epidemic on the industrial chain and supply chain and will maintain the industrial chain and supply chain. Stability is one of the important tasks of the "six guarantees", and timely and effective measures are taken to promote the coordinated resumption of production in the manufacturing industry chain, which has played an important role in promoting a virtuous economic cycle and the stability of the international supply chain.

Huang Libin said that in the next step, in accordance with the decisions and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, on the basis of normalizing the epidemic prevention and control, we will continue to increase efforts to effectively maintain the stability of the manufacturing industry and supply chains.

The first is to break through the breakpoints and difficulties, strengthen domestic and foreign cooperation, focus on key industrial chains, promote leading enterprises to drive the coordinated resumption of production and expansion of upstream and downstream small and medium enterprises, promote the integration and development of large and small enterprises, and organize electronic information, consumer products, etc. The key industry global industrial chain supply chain smooth seminar, smooth logistics, people flow, capital flow, and information flow to ensure the normal operation of the industrial chain and supply chain.

The second is to effectively reduce corporate costs and enhance the vitality of industrial development. We will implement the fiscal, taxation, financial, social security and other supporting policies that have been issued by the state to further reduce the logistics costs, procurement costs and time costs of enterprises, and intensify efforts to clean up the outstanding accounts of private and SMEs. Facing the increased uncertainty caused by the impact of the epidemic, companies should also increase risk awareness, increase reserves of key materials and parts, and make emergency plans.

The third is to implement the strategy of expanding domestic demand to release consumption potential. Accelerate the implementation of policies and measures for automobile consumption by promoting unimpeded consumption, unimpeded supply and demand, and encourage Internet platforms to drive export-oriented enterprises to export to domestic sales; accelerate the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G, encourage localities to open 4K ultra-high-definition channels, increase program sources, and actively expand New online and offline applications stimulate potential consumption vitality and accelerate the operation of the industrial chain and supply chain.

Fourth is to consolidate and upgrade the advantages of the industrial chain and enhance the ability to resist risks. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, organize the implementation of industrial infrastructure reengineering projects, increase core technology research efforts, cultivate a number of advanced manufacturing clusters, enhance the ability of industrial and supply chains to resist risks, and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing.

The fifth is to strengthen international anti-epidemic cooperation and continue to deepen opening up.